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[Tuesday May 15 2012 10 am]
It's been a while since I last posted...I miss LJ sometimes...its familiarity.

Wanting the next two weeks to fly by...I can't wait.

Al and I are going out to celebrate...

What a relief it'll bring...all of this will be done.

I'll still have my insecurities...but things at work will be much better...much easier.
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[Monday October 17 2011 1 pm]
I can't wait to find you.
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[Monday May 9 2011 10 am]
There have been a couple nights lately where I go to bed feeling extremely angry....

But last night I went to sleep feeling happy.  Fell asleep smiling.
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[Monday November 8 2010 10 pm]
 So much to think about...

There's always so much to think about...

Comes down to whether these thoughts are important or not.
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[Friday October 1 2010 5 pm]
Fall is definitely "our season".
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[Thursday September 23 2010 12 pm]
It has been too long since my last post...
I've been busy packing, moving and living life.

Today is an interesting day.
Realizing how I've changed over the months. How my mind deals with things differently now.

I hate seeing Cal hurt. I hate making him cry. 
I hate not having that "connection", that "feeling" yet.
I hate how Dina and Jimmy think that "I need them".

I am growing....I am learning...I am forever changing...

I want to be true to myself. I want to be honest with myself.

I want to be a good person. A good daughter. A good friend. A good student. A "good girl". 
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[Monday August 2 2010 11 am]
Doing the things that I love doing.
Doing the things that make me happy.
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[Monday July 26 2010 2 pm]
Today is a new day.
The sun is shining.
Live your life.
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[Saturday June 26 2010 5 pm]
What a wonderful week it's been!
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[Saturday June 19 2010 4 pm]
Not gonna lie...

Life is pretty good right now :)
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[Tuesday June 15 2010 4 pm]
You make it sound all too easy...

But that's the thing..
It really is just that easy!
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[Wednesday June 9 2010 12 pm]
dreams tell us so much.
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[Monday June 7 2010 10 pm]
worry worry worry.
go away.
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[Tuesday May 25 2010 11 pm]
i honestly kind of see this as being some sort of a test. as practice.

not to worry

so far it's been going well!
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[Tuesday May 18 2010 10 pm]
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[Sunday April 18 2010 9 pm]
i feel strong.
i feel proud of myself.
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[Thursday April 8 2010 7 pm]
i want to know if there's a Jim Halpert out there...

feeling quite angry....alone....
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[Friday April 2 2010 11 am]
learn more Estonian
visit sweet Ema more
go to beach
learn to swim (better)? (Chantal you've inspired me!)
Youth Assisting Youth
Yoga and/or Pilates
bike rides

....I'll add more to the list as I think of them...
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[Thursday April 1 2010 4 pm]
oh gosh....
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[Thursday February 18 2010 5 pm]
Conquering the battle!
So encouraging, such a relief, it's been an extremely positive week!
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